Remembering Bully Victims

This is dedicated to all those teens, kids, and even adults who have committed suicide due to bullying. Amanda Todd, Charlotte Cambridge, Jessica Renee Logan, Seth Walsh, Jeffrey Johnson, Rachael Neblett are just a few of many examples.


Ways To Prevent Bullying

Bullying is like a disease. It  spreads quickly, and has terrible affects on others. But, like a disease, it can be prevented. First, if you see someone being bullied, tell an adult or another person of authority.Can you think of some ways? Please leave a comment about things you can do if you see someone getting bullied, or if you should do anything at all. Thanks!



Bullying is the leading cause of suicide in America. Bullying has ruined many lives. Bullying has crushed many spirits of young people all across the nation. Bullying has killed people both physically and mentally. Bullying is like a bad dream. The pressure is so much and you are trying to get out of it.Just like you are trying to wake up from a nightmare. Hi,My name is Miracle and I made this blog so that others can realize the terrible impact that bullying has had on many young people. Please feel free to make comments and maybe even share some experiences.