Stay Positive! :)

Hey guys! I hope you're all having a great summer! :) 
I was just thinking up some things to think about when you or anyone you know that is getting bullied can stay positive, and not let the bullying bring them down.

Someone says... "You're ugly."
You should say to yourself... "I am beautiful/ handsome and nothing you say will change that. "
Everyone is beautiful/handsome.Seriously. "Beauty is in everyone, but not everyone can see it. " This is why you should learn to love yourself, and discover your inner or/and outer beauty. 

Someone says... 'You're a loser." or "You're worthless."
You should say to yourself..."If I try my best I'm not a loser, because trying my best is what matters. Also, I'm not worthless because myself and everyone else in this world has a reason for being alive. I'm part of the many people who has a great future ahead."
You are not worthless just because someone says that. Sometimes I like to think of the world like it's a big play and everyone in it  has a role . Some people get a big role while other people get a small role in the play. Just because a person has a small role, it doesn't mean their role isn't important in the play. It doesn't make that small role worthless. (Sorry if this doesn't make sense, this is just the way I look at it.)

Someone says..."Your're fat."
You should say to yourself..."It doesn't matter whether people think I'm skinny or fat, I'm beautiful/handsome just the way I am."
:) Smile. Just smile. Because whether people think you're skinny or fat, everything about you (weight, height, appearance) is what makes you, you. As long as you're happy with the way you are, that's all that matters! :)

Someone says..."Nobody likes you."
You should say to yourself..."Just because someone says that no one likes me, doesn't mean it's true. 
Not true. Not true. Not true. There are so many people who care for you. 
Just take a minute to think about this :) You may not know this, but you are LOVED. 

Thanks for reading! :) Please leave a comment with your questions, advice, or anything else! :) Bye! xx Have a great day everyone!



Hey everyone! :)  I am very sorry this post is so late! This month's post is about cyber-bullying.

Cyberbullying is one of the few types of bullying there are. This type of bullying involves hurting someone virtually. Whether it is done through text, email, IM, Facebook, Twitter, etc. it's still very wrong

 Think before you post - Some of you may or may not have heard this before, but it is very important. If your're about to post something online whether it is public or private, make sure it does not contain anything that will hurt someone. Ask yourself a few questions for example : "If someone posted something like this about me, would I like it?"  or "What is my goal or purpose behind posting this?"

If you are the one being cyber-bullied make sure you tell someone you trust. Get help! You are precious to so many people. You are LOVED. Remember, Just because someone says something it doesn't mean that its TRUE. Also, don't show  the people that  their hurting you and you feel worthless because alot of times it only makes them do it more. Don't let things you get told online (or even anywhere else) get to you.  Think positively! :) 

Thank you so much for reading and for viewing! :) Please feel free to leave a comment, question, or some advice! Also, if there is anything you would like me to post about please let me know! Keep your head up! Smile and be confident!  Stay strong <3 


Words Hurt.

Hi everyone! :) I hope you all had an amazing month!!! This month's post is going to be all about verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is a type of bullying that which involves the words that come out of your mouth. The things you say to people will either help them or hurt them. Just because other people say mean things to other people doesn't mean you have to do the same :) Be a leader and not a follower! You should be the peer pressure. Be the bigger being.Makes someone's day better --- not worse. What comes out of a person's mouth goes a very long way. Sadly, verbal bullying sometimes makes sometimes to commit suicide. When people are called things like, "worthless", "ugly", or "stupid" can hurt like being punched in the face.Here are some reasons why you should not verbal bully anyone.
  • You don't know what that person might be going through. 
  • Some mean words that are said to someone are hard to be forgotten.
  • It can affect others emotionally.
  • The person may have already been having an awful day.
  • Nobody likes to feels like they are nothing.
  • Saying mean words is just not right!!!
Feel free to leave any questions, tips, or stories! Stay strong <3


New Year, No Bullying.

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry, this post is kinda late. I just wanted to say don't give up even though bullying is becoming worse. To everyone against bullying, Stay strong <3. Also my tip for anti-bullying is don't bully someone because then they'll go bully someone else. That's how the bully virus spreads. It's just like having a contagious cold or disease and if you have too much contact with another person they will get it too. Then another person is at risk for getting the cold which you spread to that other person. Don't start bullying. Stop it. Have a great weekend everyone! :) PS: If you have a Google+ and you're against bullying, some great things to follow are
 +Please Everybody Help Stop Bullying Worldwide +Bullying Stoper +The BULLY Project +The Butterfly Project +Make a Difference and  +STOP Cyberbullying (anti-bullying group)