New Year, No Bullying.

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry, this post is kinda late. I just wanted to say don't give up even though bullying is becoming worse. To everyone against bullying, Stay strong <3. Also my tip for anti-bullying is don't bully someone because then they'll go bully someone else. That's how the bully virus spreads. It's just like having a contagious cold or disease and if you have too much contact with another person they will get it too. Then another person is at risk for getting the cold which you spread to that other person. Don't start bullying. Stop it. Have a great weekend everyone! :) PS: If you have a Google+ and you're against bullying, some great things to follow are
 +Please Everybody Help Stop Bullying Worldwide +Bullying Stoper +The BULLY Project +The Butterfly Project +Make a Difference and  +STOP Cyberbullying (anti-bullying group)