Words Hurt.

Hi everyone! :) I hope you all had an amazing month!!! This month's post is going to be all about verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is a type of bullying that which involves the words that come out of your mouth. The things you say to people will either help them or hurt them. Just because other people say mean things to other people doesn't mean you have to do the same :) Be a leader and not a follower! You should be the peer pressure. Be the bigger being.Makes someone's day better --- not worse. What comes out of a person's mouth goes a very long way. Sadly, verbal bullying sometimes makes sometimes to commit suicide. When people are called things like, "worthless", "ugly", or "stupid" can hurt like being punched in the face.Here are some reasons why you should not verbal bully anyone.
  • You don't know what that person might be going through. 
  • Some mean words that are said to someone are hard to be forgotten.
  • It can affect others emotionally.
  • The person may have already been having an awful day.
  • Nobody likes to feels like they are nothing.
  • Saying mean words is just not right!!!
Feel free to leave any questions, tips, or stories! Stay strong <3